Tax Department

” To provide funds for the purpose of general municipal operations, maintenance, new equipment, extension and enlargement of municipal services and facilities and capital improvements of the Village of Gibsonburg, there shall be, and is hereby levied a tax on salaries, wages, commissions and other compensation, and on net profits as hereinafter provided. ”  
(Ord. 839.  Passed 12-7-64)

Barbara Wildermuth
Tax Commissioner/Asst. Fiscal Officer
526 N. Webster Street
Gibsonburg, OH  43431

Telephone: (419) 637-6004
Fax:       (419) 637-7306

A summary of the instructions for the Village of Gibsonburg Tax Return is listed below.  Detailed instructions for tax years 2016 and beyond, please scroll down the this page or call 419-637-6004 M-F 8am - 4pm.

NOTE: Tax returns WILL NOT be considered complete until all W-2’s and/or federal schedules are attached, AND the return is signed.

  • All residents are required to file a yearly tax return!
  • All amounts should be rounded to the nearest dollar.
  • Please use BOX 5 (Medicare Wages) on W-2 for taxable income.
  • No credit will be given for wages taxed in another municipality.
  • A copy of your Federal 1040 must be included with all individual returns.
  • Tax shelter programs and deferred wages (such as 401(k) contributions) are subject to the Gibsonburg Tax. Use Medicare Wages (from box 5 of the W-2) for taxable wages on sections (A4).
  • All returns from business or professional taxpayers must have a copy of their Federal return schedule(s) attached. Examples of business income include farm, rental, gambling and/or other misc income. Returns without appropriate Federal schedules attached will be considered delinquent.
  • All residents, regardless of age, must file a tax return who have earned income. A married couple may file a joint return even if filing separately on the Federal and State returns.
  • Non-residents working inside the city limits and not subject to withholdings must file and pay 1% of their gross wages.
  • Estimates must be made on all income if tax obligation to the Village is more than $200.
  • Failure to receive a return, declaration or other required form shall not excuse any taxpayer from making a return, declaration, or filing such form, or from paying any tax due.
  • Name(s) and Social Security Number(s) MUST be inserted on all Tax Returns and Forms.
  • Amounts of $10.00 or less will not be refunded nor is it payable to the Village of Gibsonburg.



Select the button below for a complete list of current tax return forms.

Tax Appointments

NOTE: Please call to schedule an appointment for tax preparation of your municipal tax return. You are NOT REQUIRED to see Barb, if you have prepared your return OR it is prepared by a professional. Returns can be mailed or dropped off in the drop box outside our office. DO NOT EMAIL ANY TAX DOCUMENTS!!!! A COMPLETED RETURN IS REQUIRED, WHICH INCLUDES YOUR FEDERAL TAX RETURN AND ALL W2'S!!! LATE FEES MAY BE CHARGED IF ALL DOCUMENTS ARE NOT RECEIVED! Call 419-637-6004 to schedule appointment or if you have any questions.

Municipal Income Tax Changes


Codified Ordinances of Gibsonburg Ohio

To view the entire Ordinance Code for Gibsonburg Ohio, click here.  To view the tax ordinance, search under Part One, then Title Nine-Taxation, Chapter 191.