Village Council


Police Department

The Gibsonburg Police Department works to ensure the safety of the Village and to enforce various statutes and ordinances on […]

Fire Department

The Village provides protection to its residents and Madison Township from the firehouse located at 120 North Main Street.  The […]

Tax Department

” To provide funds for the purpose of general municipal operations, maintenance, new equipment, extension and enlargement of municipal services […]

Utility Department

The Village of Gibsonburg vision is to be an efficient provider of superior water service.  It is also our mission […]

Water Department

The present water system is supplied from six deep limestone wells. The water requires only minimal chlorine and aeration treatment. […]


The Village of Gibsonburg has Zoning Ordinances in place to ensure the safety and quality of life in our community. […]

Street Department

The Village also provides for the maintenance of public streets, parks and properties.  Village maintenance crews work tirelessly, winter, summer, […]

Economic Development

The Clearview Industrial Park site provides easy access to major interstates which means you can reach markets and suppliers within […]

Parks & Recreation

The Village of Gibsonburg has incredible parks and recreation assets that are used and enjoyed by countless individuals on an […]

Wastewater Treatment

Construction of a central sewage treatment facility was completed in 1985 and most systems were upgraded with computerized controls in […]

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